Functional Health

Transform Men's Health offers a customized approach for individuals seeking assistance

in their transformation to improved health and wellness.


What it is: 

Anything that impairs your ability to perform the activities that you want or need to complete impacts your functional health.  Functional health is an augmentation of traditional western medicine concepts, which tends to focus mainly on the disease model, with a more focused concentration on wellness.


Why it is important: 

We can optimize mental and physical health by combining both traditional medicine as well as proven supplements and non-traditional medicine options. This is both expansive, liberating and beneficial for the patient. The focus is on the total person, not specific body systems, and includes a holistic approach to symptoms and disease prevention.  This is a person-centered approach with an overall goal of health optimization.  Treatment can include hormone therapy; supplementation with vitamins, nutrition, physical exercise, as well as some newly available genetic screening tests.