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Mental Health

Transform Men's Health offers a customized approach for individuals seeking assistance

in their transformation to improved health and wellness.

What it is:  

Mental health and addiction can be especially problematic for men.

Men struggling with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and/or alcohol and drug use         can experience a greatly diminished quality of life. 


Why it is important:  

Helping men manage their mental health and addictions can improve both the quality and quantity of their lives and the lives  of their family. Men, husbands and fathers matter.  Drug and alcohol abuse disorders are much more prevalent in men.  As is their likelihood of successful suicide attempts.  We must take this seriously.  We want to  help in their recovery.  Men with a poor response to antidepressants often are found to have  low testosterone levels.  Correcting for this can often help the depression.  For men with a history of concussions the impact on their hormone levels, especially testosterone, can be profound and debilitating.  Like all things in medicine, if you don’t search for something you will never find it.  

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