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Testosterone? Pump Me Up.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

More and more men have questions about Testosterone Therapy. They wonder whether various symptoms they are experiencing could be related to Andropause or "Manopause", and if they could be improved with Testosterone Treatment.

As men age, the testicles typically begin to produce less testosterone. This occurs in all men to some degree, but men differ in the amount of the drop in testosterone levels. And men differ as well in how their body responds to a given decline in testosterone.

Truly low blood levels of testosterone typically result in a constellation of symptoms (a syndrome) which may include low libido (sex drive), lack of energy, irritability, depression, poor concentration, loss of physical strength and decreased muscle mass. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is present. This syndrome, in conjunction with laboratory findings of low testosterone, is often referred to as Andropause, or Testosterone Deficiency Sydrome (TDS).

As you can see, the symptoms involved can be quite vague and can overlap with many other conditions. These symptoms often also occur when our lives are too busy or stressful. This can complicate the diagnosis of Testosterone Deficiency / Andropause. Optimizing a man's testosterone can have profound effects on his physical and mental health. We have often found men that have been resistant to antidepressant therapy can be significantly improved if you deal with the underlying problem, their testosterone deficiency.

So much of what makes a man is tied up with their testosterone levels. That is why it is so important to keep track of this with periodic blood work and treat when it is important. In medicine their is a rule. We treat the patient not the blood test. If men are feeling terrific

even with a low level of testosterone why treat. However, if they are having profound physical and mental symptoms why not treat to improve these symptoms.

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