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Physical Health

Transform Men's Health offers a customized approach for individuals seeking assistance

in their transformation to improved health and wellness.


What it is: 

Great physical health is what we all strive for.  In youth we take physical health for granted but as we age we begin to realize what a great blessing it is.  Being able to be healthy and energetic is a gift not to be squandered.


Why it is important:

 Our goal is to assist men with all the concerns that they have about their health and wellness.  This includes advising on nutrition, exercise and supplements.  It has been estimated that 50% of male deaths each year could have been prevented by positive changes in their personal health practices.  Male related health problems could be detected and treated earlier with improved awareness and education.  Just being male remains a major determinant of health in North America with men dying, on average, at least 4 years before women.  This disparity is important to recognize and needs to be fixed. 

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