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Testosterone Optimization

Transform Men's Health offers a customized approach for individuals seeking assistance

in their transformation to improved health and wellness.

What it is:  

Testosterone levels decrease with age, by 1.6% per year, starting in our mid 30’s.  Optimizing your testosterone level helps bring your testosterone back to a value that supports your desired level of   physical and mental health. We want you to feel happy, healthy and rejuvenated again.  


Why it is important:  

Most men think of testosterone as only needed for building muscles and having sex. In reality, testosterone is the most important male hormone.  Testosterone is essential for the proper functioning of every system in the body.  The brain can be especially sensitive to testosterone levels, with low levels causing irritability, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, brain “fog”, poor concentration and fatigue. Low testosterone levels can cause symptoms in men similar to menopause in women, including hot flashes, development of belly fat, male breast tissue ("manboobs"), and a lowered sex drive.   Not a good scenario!   We can help fix this.

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