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Rejuvenating Men's Lives!

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This website provides useful information but is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

About Transform Clinics

About Transform Clinic

Transform Men’s Health was developed to help men deal with  some of their many unique but common health concerns.


Men's health concerns are frequently neglected. Concerns such as testosterone optimization, erectile dysfunction, male pattern hair loss, appropriate nutritional supplements , diet options,  fitness and anti-aging choices are often at the top of their list.


Men often lack access to health care through their reluctance to seek out medical advice and/or their frustration with the process. Only ⅓ of men have a family doctor. Less than ½ of men regularly seek medical care.  Yet men’s health problems are often easily treated or preventable, when they engage with someone experienced in Men's Health. This is exactly why Transform Men’s Health was created.  


Providing health care through virtual care, addresses men's concerns about privacy, efficiency & effectiveness. When they can acquire health care while sitting at home, at work or on the road.  It becomes efficient, effective and painless. 

At Transform Men's Health, our goal is to help men address their important concerns and provide a range of options for treatment and care. Helping optimize their testosterone is just one of many ways to help a man’s quality and quantity of life. 


Integrative Medicine is the marrying of conventional and complementary medicine. Taking the best of both. When used appropriately, this can result in improved vitality and joy. 


Integrative Medicine/Focused Men's Health and Virtual Care is a Win:Win:Win which is exactly how healthcare should work for men.  Wouldn't you agree?!

Doctor and Patient

Meet Dr. Robert Fallis

How we Can Help
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

How We Can Help

We offer a variety of services to assist in improving men's hormones, health and wellness. Select your

area of interest below to find out more and let us    help you rejuvenate your health.


works in association with the

Masters Men’s Andropause Clinic

Dr. Larry Komer, MD F.R.C.S.C.

Is this covered by my OHIP or my Insurance?

YES! The Initial visit for Ontario residents is covered by OHIP

NEW patients need a referral sent from their Family Physician

Have them include your email and you will be promptly contacted by our office when your referral is received

Patient Info
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Hours of Clinic:

Monday-Friday: 2pm to 5pm  Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Mailing Address:

Suite 232, 104-155 Main St. East, 

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, L3M 1P2 

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Toll Free: 1.833.676.1661

Fax: 1.833.467.1053

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